Naturally Better.

Searching out natural, organic ingredients has become second nature because health is top of mind for many of us. We do it more and more with our recipes, cleaners and just about anything we have around the house, because we want safe ingredients surrounding those we love most. But what about candles? Too often, we’ve sacrificed that safety for a brightly colored candle on the store shelf that not only had questionable ingredients, it was too strong and the scent wasn’t as advertised.

That’s why we started Amber Vale Home—we wanted a candle that was as natural as possible. After all, this is something you’ll be burning in your home that every family member is breathing in. While you might wonder what’s in that neon green candle on the store shelf, you never have to doubt what goes into making an Amber Vale Home candle.

It all starts with the wax. Our soy and coconut wax blend is all natural and doesn’t have the petroleum-derived products other candles often contain. We love it too, not just for the health, but also that it burns longer than traditional waxes.

Our candles are dye-free. You have to wonder what goes into neon colored candles on the store shelf—and even more so what toxins you might be breathing in from those. With Amber Vale Home candles, you just get the natural tone of the wax, a light cream color.

Our scents are specially blended by us to be realistic, phthalate-free and not overpowering. When possible, they contain essential oils. And, it makes a difference. All of our fragrance oils that we source to create our scent blends HAVE to adhere to the standards for safety and purity followed by the RIFM and IFRA. So often we hear from customers who have issues with other candles and celebrate when they come across ours. Here’s a recent comment from one of our customers:

“We just love them so much!!! We stopped candles and scentsy stuff two years ago because they were causing migraines in our oldest. These don’t!!!”

Amber Vale Home Customer

We use wicks that are lead-free and zinc-free. Many wicks contain a metal core to help strengthen the wick and enhance burning. That metal, though, gets released into the air you breathe.

We think you’ll agree natural is better. We’ve worked at length with a number of trusted vendors to source only the best and cleanest ingredients to create our small-batch candles so we could feel safe burning on repeat in our home. That was important to us and we thought it just might be to you too.

Our candles are hand poured in small batches with natural soy and coconut blended wax that gives you a healthier burn—and phthalate free scents that are realistic, never overpowering.