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As you look across the hills and valleys in our beautiful state of Tennessee, we’re pretty sure you will feel like we do — that it can take your breath away with the breadth of beauty, inspiration, and peace. It’s that same inspiration that gave way to create Amber Vale Home — a place to find carefully created items that bring style and purpose to our homes. Whether it be our hand poured candles or diffusers, we’ve taken great lengths to ensure it invites warmth, heart and inspiration into your spaces. We’re not in a rush to create volume that we miss the details, the quality. We want your home to feel extra meaningful, be fresh and inspirational and always be a place of warmth and character.

When I think of home, immediately it conjures up a feeling — cozy spaces and memories shared with those I love. From the very beginning, I wanted Amber Vale Home to be a portal to help design our spaces to create this cozy, heartwarming environment called home. Trust that we are continually developing our brand of products that trend unique, exhibit character and are created with the utmost quality in mind. Thank you for visiting us — we hope to earn your trust for years to come.

Amber Vale Home Founder